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USEFUL SKINCARE KNOWLEDGE - What Cleansers & Scrubs are Best for Effective Acne Treatment and Acne Scar? - Pg3


Learn the safe method of Treatment of Acne and Acne Scar Using The Right Cleansers and Scrubs!


Use of Cleansers and Scrubs

There are many cleansers and scrubs available in the marketplace, but none can actually remove blackkheads effectively despite all their wild claims, since beauticians must still  physically remove comedones by one of the painful conventional methods described earlier.

Worse, most cleansers even deposit some amount of wax content onto the skin and into the pores after each application. Most cleansers, like most other day or night creams, are made from Free standard formulations provided by chemical vendors of the skincare manufacturer, which incorporate high wax contents. Use of such creams necessitates the follow-up use of Dr. Pierre's effective Blackheads Remover and Acne Treatment range.

Moreover, most conventional scrubs contain coarse and sharp-edged almond husk grains or pumice stones in harsh alkaline soap bases. The coarse grains will only damage the skin more by producing multiple cut lines on the surface skin, like sand-paper action on a piece of wood, thus causing skin to rupture, and eventually leading to acne that requires acne treatment regimen.

 Coarse Grains Bad For Treatment of Acne


 SoftBeads Best For Acne Treatment

Rough-edged grains in conventional scrubs which work by sand-papering your skin, leaving it coarse and ruptured!Due to its rough-edged grains and soap base content, it's unsuitable for use as Acne Cleanser


 S oft smooth non-abrasive spherical beads in Dr. Pierre Ginseng Purifying Scrub which act as transport to carry the unique emulsion base into deeper uneven skin grooves and hair pores, to gently dissolve clogged debris. Great as an Acne Cleanser too!

The harsh alkaline soap base will also cause skin to rupture by its dehydrating action. When skin dehydrates, the dead cells are no longer bonded together by the sebum ( the natural emulsion created by skin's natural oil secretions and sweat excretions ) to form that vital protective acid mantle layer. They separated and the skin ruptured, rendering a moldy appearance. Ruptured skin became prone to bacterial invasion and acne eruptions requiring costly acne treatment regimens.

Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals Blackheads Remover Cleanser and Blackheads Remover Scrubs are made very uniquely against all others, and are effective blackhead removers and treatment for acne. They are entirely researched and developed in Dr. Pierre's own laboratories. Absolutely no standard formulations are used at all. They are truly revolutionary products. The firsts in the market. They clear the clogged debris without dehydrating skin and without depositing any wax content into pores. They simply perform their cleansing action remarkably, leaving skin clear, soft, silky and refreshed, FREE from Acne. You don't have to believe what we claim here. Try them out yourselves, and you'll never regret the rest of your life. You complexion will be acne free and have no need to get into any Acne Treatment Regimen in your life!

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