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USEFUL SKINCARE KNOWLEDGE - How To Get Rid of Acne & Blackheads With Effective Blackhead Removers and Acne Cures for Acne Skin - Pg2


Learn the causes and prevention of Zits, Acne, Blackheads, Clogged pores, Enlarged pores, Coarse Skin by Effective Blackhead Removers and Herbal Acne Cures System


Formation Process of Comedones

There are about 3,000,000 cells, 100 sweat pores and 30 sebaceous glands AND hair pores per square centimeter of skin. The sweat pores excrete sweat, water, waste, and salt through the sweat ducts while also regulating body temperature.

The hair pores secrete sebaceous secretions through the gland (oil) ducts to lubricate the hair and at the same time emulsify themselves with sweat water to form a protective barrier known as Sebum Film. This creamy film helps bond the surface dead cells together, otherwise the surface cells will appear loose & ruptured, and give a mouldy appearance like in cases of very dry and dehydrated skins. Ruptured skin is as bad as acne skin, and will require more acne cures to get rid of acne.

When oil, sweat, water, and surface dead cells are well balanced and well mixed, together they form a layer of natural translucent foundation cream that gives skin a healthy tone, supple look and acne free.

However, this ideal condition won't last long as water from the sweat will soon evaporate, leaving the remaining solid constituents behind which quickly harden into plugs of wax and block the outward flow of sebum to the surface, through the follicles and sebaceous ducts.

The retained sebum accumulates and increases in amount, and the external area hardens further and becomes overlaid with stale cells to form comedones. If the condition is not properly treated, the sebaceous ducts and hair follicles will become enlarged, and the skin becomes more coarse, with open pores being evident. This is an ongoing natural process on every person's skin and cannot be stopped unless a person dies. Dr. Pierre's Cleansers from the Acne Treatment range range can avoid such condition. Else to get rid of acne later is costly and a hassle. Moreover, in today's polluted industrial environment and hectic lifestyle, our skin is flexed and stretched, and as such, an ideal condition is almost impossible. Thus, every cleanser formulated must be at least half as effective as blackheads remover, and not aggravating good skin into acne skin

 Vrious Acne Conditions




Seborrhoea is a condition of overactivity of the sebaceous glands, leading to excessive secretions and abnormal oiliness of the skin's surface. The high density of sebaceous glands in the face, scalp, centre of the chest, and back causes the seborrhoeic condition, and as such, comedones, are most evident in these areas.

  Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

 SebDermatitisBef Blackhead Removers SebDermatitisBef2 Blackheads Remover 

 Various Clogged-pores Conditions

Various Comedone Conditions

Teenagers have the highest cases of seborrhoea. When they reach puberty, hormonal changes increase the gland activity, and secretion becomes excessive. Seborrhoea, and also comedones, are the basis of several skin diseases, particularly Acne Vulgaris. Dr. Pierre's Blackheads Remover and range of Acne Cures products are the ultimate answers to Acne Skin and to get rid of acne efficaciously!

Conventional Methods of Removing Comedones

a) Squeezing with fingers
b) Squeezing with a metal comedone extractor
c) Suction with a vacuum tube

All 3 methods are painful and will leave scars, often permanently. When the skin is ruptured by these harsh treatment methods, it will become septic and develop into acne requiring further acne cures.

Method (c), can also cause broken capillary conditions and is also not effective. Only the very superficial dead cells and dirt may be sucked away, leaving the condition with no evident improvement.

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