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Do they really pull off your Blackheads or your Hair Roots?


Nose Strips were once claimed to be a hot black head remover product. Lay consumers like yourselves were duped into believing that what you saw with your eyes on the strip after that 10 minutes wait and painful stripping off were your stubborn blackheads.

Well, you're not to be blamed. It was clever but deceitful advertising and copy writing that did the trick in fooling so many people. However, we're unsure if the manufacturers themselves really didn't know that their nose strips were not really performing the black head removal action, and may even lead to Acne Vulgaris

As a Research Scientist, Dr. Pierre's curiousity led him to discover that what these strips did were merely pulling off your hair roots along with their waxy hair bulbs (or Dermal papilla).

Black Head Removal Illustration

How does it work?

Firstly, note that blackheads are staled debris mixed with staled sebaceous secretions from the sebaceous glands. They are waxy and no glue could actually stick to the real waxy blackheads. What the inventor of Nose Strips did was by simply putting a layer of strong glue on the strip which will pull off the facial hair. The wetting procedure needed on the strip is to dissolve the glue. It dries up in about 10 minutes, and any hair in contact with the strip surface containing the glue will just get 'cemented' onto the glue on the strip.

When the strip is pulled off, the surface skin cells and the facial/nose hair got plucked off. That explains why it is so painful when you pull the strip off. Worse, it may eventually lead to Acne Vulgaris!

So in effect, what nose strips render are actually facial/nose hair removal, and not blackheads removal!


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