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 Dr.Pierre Creator of Acne Remedies  




By Dr. Pierre

DBA (South Australia), MSc. (M.Inf.Sys.), Dip. M., Dip. I.M., Dip. B.Th., L.T.B.Th.(I.T.E.C.), M.F.Phys., M.L.C.S.P.(B.Th.), M.B.A.B.Th.C., M.Inst.M., F.B.I.M., M.I.I.M.

Since the most common flaws are Clogged-pores and Acne, choose only products that can cleanse or treat the skin like effective blackhead removers with acne remedies properties (doesn't matter whether you have acne or not).

Products without blackhead removal and properties for treatment of acne will clog your pores in no time,  creating a conducive environment for bacterial growth.


* Never buy from any company that does not respond to your emails or telephone enquiries or clarifications promptly. Any response within 48 hours is fair

* Never buy from a company that spends more in commercial advertisements than in providing better honest customer service. If a company continuously does that it clearly shows that they are abusing the power of advertisements to deceive people to buy their Skin Care products not through the real strength of their product efficacy but through deceptive advertising claims, by paying copy-writers to write convincing deceptive stories, and celebrities to lie.

* Never buy a Skin Care product or set of products (especially for treatment of acne) just because of their big names Find out from friends and acquaintances if the product you intend to buy really performs. Even if they have given you positive answers, see for yourself with your own eyes if their skin complexion and acne really improved since the last time you met him/her.

* Never buy skin care products that have short product life cycles. Eg. You see them claiming that a particular product or range of products have been newly discovered (revolutionary) in repeated glossy ads with celebrities endorsing them; but within 6 months to a year, they are off the market, and another 'new' product or 'new' range is launched with another new deceptive story. Most times they will reduce prices drastically to clear their inventory within 3 to 6 months of launching.

Sad to say, most companies sell you Skin Care and acne remedies products without adequate knowledge themselves, and are often in a dilemma, frequently hearing customers' complaints not only on slow and poor results for treatment of acne but also on numerous side effects. Yet, they are helpless. They don't have the slightest idea of what actually went wrong, and what could possibly go wrong.

Many manufacturers simply prefer the lesser and cheaper effort of using standard Skin Care and Acne remedies product formulations given to them free by chemical companies, rather than spending time-consuming and costly effort in researching and developing efficacious formulations for effective treatment of acne, and for the varied and complicated skin(complexion) problems.

I  n some countries ( including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, HongKong, China ), it is not uncommon to find companies importing/procuring inexpensive, illegal, Skin Care products and Acne Remedies products in bulk from some backyard factories, and packaging them at their own homes or backyards. They would then market them under a nice sounding brand name of their own, and putting up great advertising campaign across various medium, and selling each product between US$150.00 and US$700.00, by passing them off as quality Skin Care products imported from France, USA, Germany, etc.

Be wiser next time. Good Luck!