Jello Shots for Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Preparing For A Hair Drug Test

In some cases, you may know in advance when you will be subjected to drug testing. In other instances, drug testing can be random and unexpected. Even if you pass an upcoming test, this does not guarantee you will not be required to have other tests in the future. Rather than worrying about the possibility, consider this the ideal time to assess your drug use. Perhaps there are changes that you can make in your lifestyle, so you never need to be concerned about drug testing in the future.

Drugs are a part of everyday life for many people these days. This does not necessarily mean they are necessary, or that drugs are in your best interest. If you have been wondering what your life could be like without drugs, you may also be wondering if there are any alternatives. First, many people today are tired of depending on prescription drugs. While there are instances in which prescription medication is essential, there are other times when alternatives do exist. Depending on your particular situation, you may be able to choose from a variety of natural treatments, so you do not need the drugs. You will need to find the best hair follicle drug test shampoo to buy for a hair detox. If you feel you rely too much on prescription drugs, talk to your personal physician about all-natural treatments. Natural treatments are not always the best approach, but it could be the best one for you.

Your approach to recreational drugs can change, too. If you honestly assess your use of alcohol or street drugs, do not be surprised if you notice you have a problem. If any of these substances are taking too much of your money, too much of your time, or having negative effects on your behavior, use common sense and decide it is time to quit. If you are honest about it, you know addiction to drugs or alcohol does not enhance your life. Your future can depend on the decision to quit, and obtaining the help. You need to reach your goal.

Most people know there is a difference between occasional use and addiction. Perhaps you use drugs or drink occasionally, have not developed a dependency, and do not want to give up this part of your life. While no one can make this decision for you, you can take a sensible approach to the recreational use of alcohol or drugs. The fact that you are facing a drug test does not necessarily mean you must quit. Actually, if you feel you are forced to quit, you may relapse and use more than you did before. Unless you are harming yourself or someone else, the decision to quit must be your own.

Drugs, Drug Testing, And You

In today’s world, drugs are a fact of life. This is one reason drug testing has become a common part of everyday life. Buy the best thc detox online. There are various reasons drug use is not a good idea. In addition to the effects on a person’s health, a person under the influence of drugs is more prone to accidents, poor judgment, delayed reactions, and altered physical performance. Whether you are driving a car, using heavy machinery at work, or playing a sport, drugs affect your actions. You do not want to cause harm to someone else or yourself, so you may not be sure of how to proceed. All you know at this point in time is that you need to pass a drug test.

You can start by thinking about what drugs mean to you. Perhaps you see drugs as fun, escape, relaxation, or meeting a medical need. Whether you have the option of quitting, prefer not to stop, or need medication for the sake of your health, you do not have to alter your entire life simply because of drug testing. You can thoroughly assess the reasons drugs are in your life, and make the decision that meets your own personal needs. When you can ask for help if you need it, and not feel pressured to quit if you do not, you will be living your life on your own terms. You can be prepared for drug testing whenever it occurs, and feel confident about the results.

Drinking vinegar is another method that some may be desperate enough to try. Along with being disgusting, there’s very little evidence that this works. It can actually lead to an inconclusive test result because it changes the pH reading of your urine to a level that is unnatural. Granted, an inconclusive result is not the worse outcome but this method is still not recommended.  

Another disgusting and dubious method is to mix Gatorade with Surejell, which is the stuff that’s used to make jello. The idea is that it will turn into jello in your stomach and soak up the THC, and then pass through your system. For this method to work, you’re supposed to be chugging over a gallon of this stuff. It’s very unlikely to work and not really worth your time, so avoid the stomach ache. 

Hair follicle drug test results can come back in three categories.


These are usually tested twice to eliminate any chances of errors. If a result comes back as positive, it has to undergo another test called mass spectrometry, which is a more detailed test. The results are then released after 3 days with the type of drug found.


These results are often released within a day. Negative results prove that no drug is in the system.


This arises when the results are neither positive nor negative. In most cases, inconclusive results come as a result of errors in any stage of the testing ranging from how samples are collected to how they are handled.


To increase the level of accuracy, hair follicle drug test uses two different techniques.

The first is where antibodies are used to detect foreign substances in the body. The technique is known as Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and it involves coating of a testing plate with antibodies. If a drug is present in the body, it will compete with antigens for the antibodies on the plate. The antigens are usually some type of enzymes.

The second technique is known as gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and is usually used to confirm positive results. It identifies molecules using specific patterns. If the drugs are still in the system, this method will eliminate its fragments through its pattern.


Hair follicle drug testing can identify drugs used for a period of up to 90 days. This makes it better than other testing methods that have a shorter detection window.

While other testing specimens such as urine can be easily tampered with, hair follicle testing makes it harder for the specimen to be lost or misplaced. In addition, other people may donate their urine for testing easily but are more careful when it comes to hair reducing chances of fraud.

Since people have different types of reactions to different circumstances, some may be unable to donate other types of specimen for testing. For instance, some people may be unable to urinate due to shyness. Hair follicle testing eliminates this challenge by allowing employers and other concerned parties to get the samples immediately they are needed.

Like other drug tests, this type improves discipline within different settings. When people know that they can be randomly tested at any time, they avoid using drugs especially when they know that it can be detected even 90 days later. This in turn improves productivity and relationships both at work places and at homes.


This type testing only works with hard drugs such as cocaine but doesn’t work on alcohol. It also tends to be expensive than other methods. To avoid making any mistakes, use the testing kit properly making sure you cover the samples carefully. It’s important to get the necessary authorization before collecting samples. Although employers have a right to ask for such tests anytime, it’s still better to obtain legal advice before proceeding. Some employees may resist this request thus the legal framework. Keep in mind that you will be able to pass a hair follicle test if you use a resource like this. Hair follicle testing is a safe, fast and legal testing method that has been approved by the relevant body. Its accuracy, reliability and effectiveness are part of what make it better than others.